Sunday, May 9, 2010

Capacity Building for Service Providers (CBSP) Scheme

The Scheme for Capacity Building for Service Providers (CBSP) is a Central Government Scheme designed to develop the tourism potential of India. A large number of people are involved directly and indirectly in the tourism industry. Thus, it is important that they have professional training as jobs in the tourism sector are of a specialized nature.

The ‘Scheme of Capacity Building for Service Providers’ offers training to people who provide services to tourists through branches of the Institute of Hotel Management (IHMs) and Food Craft Institutes (FCIs). In addition, as a large number of service providers are located around tourist sites, training is also provided onsite at railway stations and taxi stands by the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management.


Type of Services under Capacity Building for Service Providers (CBSP) Scheme

People who provide services to tourists are employed both in the organized and unorganized sectors. The IHMs and FCIs cater mainly to workers in the organized sector such as those employed in hotels and restaurants. Unorganized sector workers include those working in small hotels, roadside dhabas and travel agencies.

Moreover, there are also people engaged in other professions who come in contact with tourists. They include staff at bus/ railway stations, police personnel, immigration staff, porters, taxi/ coach drivers, staff at monuments, guides and so on.

The implementing agencies have been given flexibility in devising the training programmes/ modules under the Capacity Building for Service Providers (CBSP) Scheme. However, general parameters have been fixed.

Some topics that are covered under the training programmes include health, personal hygiene, basic service techniques, cooking techniques, garbage disposal, etiquette, nutrition values, energy saving tips, communication skills, first aid and behaviour skills. The duration of the course ranges from 1 to 3 days to six months.

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