Sunday, May 2, 2010

Communications India

Over the years communications India has seen great changes. As of March, 2010, the Indian telecommunication industry had about 584 million mobile phone connections and was the third largest telecommunication network in the world. The communications industry in India is the fastest growing in the world and it is projected that India will have more than a 'billion plus' mobile users by the year 2015.

  • Telephony Subscribers (Wireless and Landline): 562.21 million (Dec 2009)
  • Cellphones: 525.15 million (Dec 2009)
  • Land Lines: 37.06 million (Dec 2009)
  • Broad Band Subscription: 7.83 million (Dec 2009)
  • Monthly Cellphone Addition: 19.20 million (Dec 2009)
  • Teledensity: 47.89% (Dec 2009)
  • Projected teledensity: 893 million, 64.69% of population by 2012.

Methods of Communication India

While travelling around India, you may sometimes need to make a national or international phone call. You may also need to send a letter or parcel to a certain destination. With the proper communications India codes in hand you will not need to waste any time in hassling searches.

On landlines, intra circle calls are considered local calls while inter circle are considered long distance calls. Currently, communications India government is working to integrate the whole country in one telecom circle. For long distance calls, a person has to dial the area code prefixed with a zero (example: for dialing Delhi, you would have to dial 011-xxxx xxxx). For international calls, you would need to dial "00" and the country code + area code + number. The country code for India is 91.

Here below is a list of STD (inter state) and ISD (international) codes for telephone calls and PIN codes for postal deliveries that are sure to come in handy.
In addition, you can also make calls from public phone booths, known as PCOs locally in India. This form of communications India  provides the facility for local (within the city) calls, STD (Inter - State) calls, ISD (International) calls and Fax facilities. These public call offices (PCOs) are located in every market and busy area of India. 

Another form of communications India are mobile or cell phones. If you possess a cellphone with tri-band technology, then you can easily use it here. Just buy a prepaid SIM card from a mobile service provider like vodafone, airtel, reliance, docomo and so on for a small payment. Provide the dealer with a photocopy of your passport or some other type of identity proof. Recharge the phone and enjoy free mobility.

In addition, there are a range of cybercafes for communications India. Equipped with highspeed internet, these cyber cafes offer access to the internet and facilities like e-mail, chatting, voice chat, downloads and much more. Sify cybercafes are one of the most popular cybercafe companies in India. They are usually located near airports, railway stations, market places, business districts and such areas.

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