Wednesday, May 5, 2010

National Tourism Policy

The Government of India formulated the National Tourism Policy in 2002 in order to develop tourism in a systematic manner and to position it as a major engine of economic growth. This growth would be used to harness it’s direct and multiplier effects for employment and poverty eradication in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The basic aims of the National Tourism Policy are –
  • Focus on domestic tourism as a major driver of tourism growth.
  • Position India as a global brand
  • Create a framework, which would be government lead, private sector driven and community welfare oriented. This is needed to regulate tourism trade and industry, ensure safety and security of the tourists and create basic infrastructure and healthcare facilities.
  • Improving and upgrading the environment of protected monuments and the areas around them.
  • Establish linkages with the departments of civil aviation, environment, forests, railways and the like.
  • Emphasis on eco tourism, rural tourism and pilgrimages.
  • Ensure that tourists get physically invigorated, mentally rejuvenated, culturally enriched, spiritually elevated and begin to “feel India from within”.

Through the National Tourism Policy, the government hopes to promote India as a tourism destination and  increase tourism revenues through travel related activities.

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