Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel and Tourism in India

If you are planning a trip to India, then check out this resource of articles to make the most of your holiday. These articles include posts on cheap accommodation, travel destinations, medical tourism costs, cuisine, getting around the country, travel tips and much much more.

Sightseeing Spots and Cheap Accommodation
  1. Backpacking in India
  2. India Tourist Spots
  3. State-wise list of popular tourist destinations
  4. World Heritage Sites by UNESCO
  5. Business Tourism - MICE
  6. Forests and Eco Tourism
  7. Adventure tourism facilities and activities
  8. Medical Tourism - top Indian surgeons and operations
  9. Indian religions and sacred pilgrimage sites
  10. Bed and breakfasts
  11. ITDC hotels and tour packages
  12. Accommodation for backpackers
  13. Youth hostels like YMCA
  14. Great India cuisines
  15. Travel agents and tour operators
  16. Sea Travel in India
  17. Traveling by road
  18. India tourism offices in Europe and America 

Getting Around in India
  1.  The currency in India - INR
  2. Foreign currency and travelers cheques
  3. Climate and weather
  4. Communications - STD/ ISD Codes and Cyber Cafes
  5. Maps of Indian cities
  6. Food and types of restaurants
  7. Complaining against auto and taxi drivers

Useful Tips 
  1. How to get a passport
  2. Getting a visa
  3. Travel advisories in English
  4. Checklist for packing a suitcase
  5. Airport safety and security tips
  6. General travel tips
  7. Tips on local customs and religions
  8. Arrival and departure formalities
  9. Health tips for tropical sojourns
  10. How to report a lost or stolen passport
  11. How to find baggage lost or misplaced by airlines
Did you find these articles useful? If there is any other information you are looking for, please let us know and we will include it in our future blog articles.

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