Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Edmonton Nightlife - Pubs, Bars and Night Clubs

Tired after a long day of exploring the city? Are you looking to relax in a cozy hole-in-the-wall bar with a chilled pint of beer or a classic martini? Or would you rather party the night away at one of the trendy Edmonton night clubs?

Well, Edmonton has a thriving nightlife with something for everyone. We have singles night clubs, karaoke bars, all ages night clubs and classy nightclubs for the well cultured. Neighborhood pubs and bars are real popular, but if there’s more you’re looking for then try out some of the city’s other vibrant nightlife destinations.

Edmonton Nightlife Destinations
  1. Whyte Avenue: Edmonton’s most popular nightlife destination, Whyte Avenue (82nd Avenue), is concentrated between 109 Street and 99 Street. Most heritage buildings in Edmonton can be found in this part of the city. It also has a selection of classy nightclubs.
  2. Strathcona: Another favorite haunt, its close proximity to the University of Alberta ensures a high concentration of restaurants, pubs and trendy Edmonton night clubs. It abounds with restored historical buildings and lovely streetscapes. The area is also known for two independent movie theatres as well as several live theatre, music and comedy venues.
  3. Downtown Edmonton: This part of the city has gone through a continuous process of renewal since the mid 1990’s. It is famous for its numerous pubs and bars, such as The Rose and The Crown, Sherlock Holmes. It also has many hotel lounges, karaoke night clubs and restaurants.
  4. Jasper Avenue: Some of the trendy Edmonton night clubs in this area are the New City Suburbs, Oil City Roadhouse and The Bank and Halo. You can also check out the Edmonton City Centre Mall, which is known for its massive ten screen movie theatre. If you prefer alternative or unreleased films, visit the nonprofit Metro cinema nearby.
The Edmonton nightlife sparkles and glows. You will have a blast at our comedy clubs, live music clubs, lounges, nightclubs, pubs, sports bars and movie theaters.

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