Monday, October 18, 2010

Symbols of Edmonton

Here are some symbols of Edmonton:
  • Edmonton City Motto: Industry, integrity, progress.
  • Edmonton Official Color: Blue.
  • Edmonton City Flag: It includes the city’s crest on a white field with two blue borders. The blue symbolizes strength and the North Saskatchewan River, while the white symbolizes peace.
  • Edmonton Official Flower: Chosen in 1964, Edmonton’s official flower is the marigold. This bright yellow flower symbolizes sunny Alberta, and Edmonton’s role in the 1890’s Klondike gold rush.

Edmonton Coat of Arms

Designated in 1994, the Edmonton Coat of Arms features a mace at the top, representing Edmonton as Alberta’s capital, while the city’s motto runs across the bottom. On the left is a Metis explorer, reminding us of the city’s fur trading past while on the right is Athena, the goddess of wisdom, representing education and the University of Alberta.

These two figures are standing on green grass supporting a shield. This shield of the Edmonton Coat of Arms is embellished with a sun, a winged wheel and a sheaf of wheat. The sun signifies the above average amount of sunshine received by the city. The winged wheel illustrates the city’s importance as an aviation and industrial centre while the sheaf of wheat represents agriculture. The wave of blue symbolizes the North Saskatchewan River that runs through Edmonton.

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