Friday, June 3, 2011

Female Celebrity Smile Makeovers

Ever wondered how celebrities always seem to have perfectly white teeth? Well, for many, their shining dazzlers are a result of a visit to a cosmetic dentist. Today, it is not enough for celebrities to put on makeup, sport a new hairdo or wear a designer outfit to look good for the camera. Airbrushed teeth can look artificial, so most celebrities choose to undergo a smile makeover to get beautiful pearly whites that enhance their smile.

Demi Moore 

Teeth whitening treatments are a great way to brighten up a smile. From Harry Potter star Emma Thompson, to Kylie Minogue, to Victoria Beckham and Kelly Osbourne – they are all believed to have had some teeth-whitening work to give them a perfect Hollywood smile. Beautiful Australian actress Nicole Kidman has always denied having any sort of cosmetic treatment, but the constant whiteness of her teeth through the years, shows that she’s hiding a secret!

Celebrities with misaligned and gappy teeth are turning to dental veneers to help them out. Some celebrities who are said to have used porcelain veneers to give them an A-list smile are Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hillary Duff and LeAnn Rimes. Even Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of ‘Sex and the City’ who is know for her beautifully wide smile, appears to have had veneers bonded to her teeth to make them look even more fabulous.

Invisible braces are a long-term fix that straightens protruding teeth and removes gaps, to transform your smile. Some celebrities believed to have used invisible braces are Chezza of X factor, Faye Dunaway, Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud, and young actress Emma Roberts. In fact, 20-year-old Roberts had once claimed that she loved her ‘crooked teeth’. Well, maybe her aunt Julia Roberts, owner of the original million-watt smile, had a few words with her, because currently, she sports one of the best sets of dazzlers in showbiz.

Some celebrities have had a combination of dental work done, including the placement of dental implants. This includes 63 year old singer Cher, known as the ‘plastic surgery poster girl’, who has combined a smile makeover with rhinoplasty and a nose lift, to look a few decades younger. Gerry Halliwell, Jodie Kidd, Kate Beckinsale, and Miley Cyrus are other celebrities who are rumoured to have undergone extensive smile makeovers to enhance the appearance of their teeth.

Some celebrities start pretty young when it comes to smile makeovers. Take for example Elle McPherson, who is said to have had dental work as a child, way before her modelling career could take off. Celebrities are estimated to spend thousands of pounds on smile makeover treatments every year. And why shouldn’t they? When their gleaming smiles hit the big screen, the cash registers begin ringing!

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  1. Demi became prettier!

  2. Sparkling teeth can add a jewel to your smile, so don't let those sparkles go away. Regularly brush your teeth and visit the dentist to keep your pearly whites clean and strong. It is best to use a toothbrush with soft bristles if you have sensitive gums. Using mouthwash after brushing can also help you clean out those harmful bacteria.

  3. Demi Moore beauty never fades, i think there's nothing wrong of desiring to be beautiful such as having dental implants or even having cosmetic surgery.


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