Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buy TECHbook, Say Goodbye To Heavy Schoolbags Today!

If you are a student tired of carrying a heavy backpack to school every day, then my latest invention, called the TECHbook could be exactly what you were looking for. My company ‘KidTech’ is a global research and innovation company, which has developed numerous useful products for children, since I established it ten years ago. My latest invention is the TECHbook, a small device that can replace heavy backpacks. This device has been successfully tested over the past few months, with great results.

All children want to arrive at school, fresh and comfortable, ready for a fun day of learning activities. Even teachers want their students to be sharp in class, and to correctly answer questions, on the subjects being taught. However, many of you may feel very tired, even before you step into the class for the first period. You already know why: it’s those heavy schoolbags you are carrying - from your home, during the long bus ride, the walk to the school gates, and the climb up the stairs before you settle down in your classroom.

The increasing competition and development of new technology, has led many teachers to prescribe reference books, in addition to the regular NCERT textbooks. Kids are usually told to bring these heavy books to school, everyday. In addition, children also have to carry exercise books, diaries, homework books, colouring material and so on, which increases the weight of their school bags, significantly.

According to recent research studies, the average weight of a student’s school bag is about 10 kilos. This is almost half the weight of some students, and the same as the average loads usually carried by construction workers.

No wonder you feel exhausted by the time you reach school! If you ignore this problem now, you may need to work very hard to correct further problems in the future. You may miss classes due to health reasons like a bent back, general exhaustion or knee injuries. This may hamper you from keeping up with the rest of the class, resulting in a low attention span and poor grades.

Also, if you forget to bring some books to school, you may not be able to follow what is being taught. There is also the additional risk of being pulled up by teachers for ‘forgetting books’, feeling uncomfortable in front of classmates, and later being teased about it. Bad health, detention and poor grades could affect your self-confidence and behaviour, and may even result in you having to repeat a class. Now, you don’t want that to happen, now do you?

If children get exhausted even before they enter class, they will be unable to pay attention, understand and learn what is being taught. Hence, I have developed the TECHbook, a lightweight tablet that is large enough to store digital copies of all your books, as well as small enough to fit into your pocket. Unlike other tablets that weigh about two kilos, the TECHbook only weighs as much as a single sheet of A4 paper. What’s more, the special silicon material of the TECHbook enables this 14” X 12” device to be neatly folded, and placed inside your pocket.

The state-of-the-art digital pen of the TECHbook allows you to highlight text, mark paragraphs and write notes alongside text, just like you would in a regular paper text-book. You can also create new exercise books at a stub of the pen, in which you can either type using our digital keyboard, or scribble with the digital pen. The TECHbook also has a special voice-recognition feature, enabling it to automatically take down notes dictated by your teacher, leaving you free to do something else, or simply daydream.

The TECHbook can store more than 2GB of information, including text documents, PDF files, MS Word documents, photos and videos. NCERT textbooks of all grades have been scanned and stored in the TECHbook in a special format, which allows you to write/draw alongside the content, without deleting any part of the original text in error. With the Techbook, you will never forget a textbook at home again!

The TECHbook is also environmentally friendly. It runs on solar energy, and saves trees by reducing the need for paper. In addition, the TECHbook also has a browser with an Internet connection, so that you can do online research or chat with your friends, while on the move.

Forget about those heavy schoolbags. Let me help you reduce your burden of books, and do better at school. With the TECHbook you’ll only have to carry your tiffin box and your cricket bat to school. Your entire collection of schoolbooks and other stationary, for all your years at school, can be safely kept in your pocket. What are you waiting for? Ask you parents to get you the all-new TECHbook today!

This document is an example of a problem statement for a fictional technological invention for children.

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