Friday, February 24, 2012

MakeMyTrip Interview For Content Writing Profile

I was recently called for an interview to Makemytrip for the position of Content Writer. Here is the process of the Make My Trip interview, and the questions asked:

  1. First they ask you to write a problem statement from home/office, within 12 hours of receiving the writing test. I sent the document to them (Swati Tyagi), and was called for a 'face-to-face' interview a few days later. This is the question I got for the problem statement round of the interview:

    Given below is a problem statement. Take your time, think through and come up with a 1-2page document relating to it. You have time until today evening i.e. 12pm on 9th Jan.

    “You are a scientist, and working on a project which will be released soon. No one except you knows about the project. This new invention, according to you will be a hit with kids. So in a language which kids can understand, explain to the world what this new invention is all about, and how it will help the kids.”

    Areas to watch out for : Customer Centricity, Target Audience, Your Thought Process, Can it give a kick to me as a reader?

  2. A week later, I was called for a 'face-to-face' interview, at their SP Infocity Office in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. First, I was given a 15 minute grammar test, which included fill-in-the-blanks about the use of words like have/has, discreet/discrete, a/an/the etc; and verbs in continuous/perfect tenses.   
  3. Next, there was another half-an-hour writing test, listing the same questions in the 15 minute test, plus a few additional mathematical questions.Some of these math questions included sums on simple interest, upstream/downsteam, profit and loss, man hours to complete task, pension calculation, and completing series of numbers. 
  4. Next, there was an HR interview, with the HR manager Mr.Prateek Malik. 
  5. This was to be followed by an interview with a Ms.Devika, the Content Manager, but this did not happen as Devika was not in the 'mood' to do the interview. At first, Prateek told me that she will be calling me for a telephonic interview later in the day, but this did not happen, and I was later informed that the interview wouldn't be happening at all. No reason was given for this 'no show'.

My Analysis Of MakeMyTrip's HR Interview Process

The interview process was highly disorganised. I was kept waiting for more than an hour between rounds and was shifted between desks while doing the tests. The test questions were repeated in the two tests that I took, and I wasn't even offered a glass of water. While I was called to the office for a 'face-to-face' interview, I ended up being treated to an unexplained 'no-show', as the Content Manager did not conduct the promised interview. This behaviour made me feel that MakeMyTrip did not really have a vacant position to fill, and were merely conducting mock interviews to fulfill some sort of HR target.

Have you been called for an interview at MakeMyTrip? What was your experience like?

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