Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Importance of Award Winning Books

Statement: An award-winning book nobody reads leaves no impact on human civilization.

While it is possible for an award winning book not to sell a single copy, we can infer that there still will be a few people who will read the award-winning book without having to purchase it. This probably includes:

  • The family members and friends of the author. 
  • The jury members who awarded the prize to the award-winning book.
  • Proofreaders, copy editors, publishers and distributors.
  • Library committee members who recommend award-winning books for a library’s collection.
  • Intellectuals and others, who borrow award-winning books from the library. 
  • Book enthusiasts who set eyes on the words ‘award winning’ printed on the book’s cover, and immediately make a purchase.

Sometimes, a reader may like a book so much that its contents may influence their work, habits and principles. From this we can deduce that if the reader of a non-selling award-winning book enjoys the book, then the book’s contents may in turn have an impact on their life. In case the reader is an influential person (like a politician, scientist or business magnate) or becomes an influential person later in life, we can infer that the book’s contents may influence speeches, theories or policies made by him/her; which in turn may affect the lives of thousands of people.

Thus, we conclude that an award-winning book cannot be read by nobody, and it may have an impact on human civilization, if read by the right persons.

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