Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports - Hierarchy

The present Honourable Minister of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar was appointed on 29th January, 2006. Since then, he has been active towards developing sports and youth affairs at the national and international level. MYAS has a total authorized strength of 192. It consist of 16 Group ‘A’ Officers i.e. one Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, three Directors and four Deputy Secretaries. Along with them, there is one Programme Adviser, four Under Secretaries and one main Private Secretary. Along with group ‘A’ officials, there are 72 Group ‘B’ posts (20 Gazetted and 52 Non-Gazetted), 75 Group ‘C’ posts and 29 Group ‘D’ posts. At present, 3 Section Officers are working as Under Secretaries on in-situ basis.

The sports ministry also has a Vigilance and Public Grievances Cell that work under the overall supervision of the Secretary, Youth Affairs and Sports. After the Secretary, there is a Chief Vigilance Officer, and a Director to assist the Chief Vigilance Officer in his day-to-day functioning. Each autonomous organization and subordinate offices of the Ministry have self-governing Chief Vigilance Officers to deal with vigilance and public grievances.

Sports Authority of India Hierarchy

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) was formed in 1984 to promote sports in the entire country, as well as on an international basis. The main aim of SAI is to develop excellence for international competitions in close association with national federations. With this, SAI is also concerned with scouting for sporting talent and training them for a future career in sports. SAI is also involved in developing growth schemes for players, to help them improve their game at the national and international level. Another notifying concern of SAI is to provide academic programmes for aspiring sports trainers.

The general governing body is headed by the Prime Minister as Ex-officio President, followed by the Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports as Ex-officio Vice-president; the Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports as Ex-officio Vice- Chairman and Secretary of SAI. On the other side, the Union Minister of Youth and Sports heads the Governing Body as chairperson. After the Union Minister, the Minister of State for Youth Affairs acts as Vice-Chairperson and the Director General of SAI acts as Deputy Chairperson. Finally, the Director General is followed by the Secretary (Ex-officio). SAI functions towards the recognition of sports in different countries.

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