Monday, August 20, 2012

Nagarpalika - City Development Plans and Tenders

Development plans are the well-planned strategies for development, which are designed to improve the infrastructure of a particular state or district. Each section, including infrastructure and required capital, is given consideration. Tenders are unconditional proposals being presented to the public for purchase of goods or services by the Municipal Corporation (or Nagar Palika). The issuance of tenders enhances public cooperation in governmental projects, enhances credibility, and builds trust in the eyes of citizens.

City Development Plans Of Municipal Corporations

A City Development Plan is concerned with improving the infrastructure of a city, and providing better services and lifestyle to the residents. Development of shopping malls and sports complexes in Delhi is an  example of planning using a City Development Plan. From disaster management to development of buildings, from slum improvement to heritage conservation, and from economic planning to control of ecology, City Development Plans of a Municipal Corporation, work to improve the area under its jurisdiction. The Delhi Master Plan 2011 aimed at incorporating the latest facilities and technologies, to enhance Delhi’s urban lifestyle and make it a world-class city. Most of the prominent municipal corporations in India (Nagar Palikas) create special City Development Plans for their city.

Tenders of Municipal Corporations (Nagar Palikas)

A tender is a documented announcement of certain new developments and projects being launched by the Municipal Corporation, and invitations for proposals from service providers, businesses and citizens. The issue of a public tender is generally made by the Municipal Corporation or Nagar Palika, enabling any citizen to buy them. Whether it’s a construction project or any development plan project, tenders give detailed information on the project with the estimated cost of the entire project. On seeing the tender invitation notice, companies come forward with their quotes, and the one with best quote is given the project.

The procedure of tendering and printing public notices for the municipal corporations of various cities can be found at the respective Nagarpalika websites.

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