Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Online Services Of Municipal Corporations

The Municipal Corporations (Nagar Palikas) in India offer numerous online services, such as the registration of births and deaths, e-tenders, public grieviences, payment of bills, payment of taxes, and payment of licence fees. These Nagarpalika online services are meant for the convenience of citizens, and enable them to do various official tasks without the hassle of standing in lines outside government offices or paying bribes.

1. Registration of Births and Deaths: The registration of birth and death events is mandatory. The head of the family or the closest relative needs to inform the nearest Municipal Corporation office in case of a birth or death in the family. The option of registering through an online service is also available. The concerned person has to log on to the site, and fill the form available, with the details of birth or death, including the place, time and name of the person who was born, or who died. With online registration services, one can even check the status of the request placed.

2. E-Tenders: Tenders are non-conditional offers that are presented to the concerned party for buying. E-tendering services provided by the Municipal Corporations (Nagar Palikas) in the cities of various states, enable numerous business professionals to seek valuable information about investment in government projects, by logging in to the particular site. Businessmen can also see the status of tenders that they have applied for, and even download e-tenders for checking more details.

3. Public Grievances: Public grievances include complaints of unsatisfied citizens, regarding the work done or not done, by their immediate Municipal Corporation. Some such common complaints may include grievances about the conditions of roads, parks, street lights, irregular power cuts, improper sanitation or waste management. These public complaints can be registered through the e-mail services of the concerned Municipal Corporation or Nagarpalika. Online public grievances systems also allow citizens to check the status of their registered complaints.

4. Bills, License Fee and Tax Payment: Some Municipal Corporations offer online services, through which citizens can find out how much they have to pay for trade licence fees, or other bills. Some Nagarpalikas also enable to pay such bills and fees through online payment gateways, credit cards and debit cards. With the help of this service, a payee can not only make timely payments, but also see the status of the bills pending and paid. A business professional can also file taxes through a municipal corporation's online tax payment services. As online services enable citizens to make their payments in a timely manner, citizens would not be required to pay late charges and other fines.

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