Thursday, August 30, 2012

Panchayat Yuva Shakti Abhiyan

The government has enabled the youth to participate in the development of gram panchayats, through the Panchayat Yuva Shakti Abhiyan. The Panchayat Yuva Shakti Abhiyan (PYAS) was initially launched in Haryana on 19th-20th June, 2006. The main aim of the PYAS is to synergize the energy of the youth through Panchayati Raj institutions, for the growth of social equality at the grassroots level. In fact, PYAS has been touted as a revolutionary step towards the realization of Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of  'Gram Swaraj'. After Haryana, PYAS was launched in Punjab, followed by Manipur, Goa and Sikkim.

There are some contemporary issues, such as sex determination, female foeticide, drug abuse and AIDS awareness, which needed to be resolved. Volunteers working for PYAS have worked a lot in this direction. Under the guidance of Gram Panchayat, youth clubs were formed as a part of this movement. These youth clubs aimed at developing their respective villages, so that people can be made aware of certain important issues. Apart from social issues,  The Panchayat Yuva Shakti Abhiyan also contributes towards educating people.

Under PYAS, Youth Clubs are created to help Panchayats acquire requisite technical skill and popular support, for the development of infrastructure in the particular village. This encourages local resource mobilization and people participation. Along with making ample use of youth power for fighting social issues,  The Panchayat Yuva Shakti Abhiyan also aims at including the youth in local democracy. Through these youth clubs, the PYAS focuses on comprehensive social, economic, political and cultural development of the concerned division.

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