Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scheme of Incentive for Promotion of Sports Activities

The Government of India has launched several schemes for their benefit of sports persons who have performed in an outstanding manner, at various levels of competition. The Scheme of Incentive for Promotion of Sports Activities is one such scheme. This scheme includes several welfare schemes for sports persons and coaches, which reward their excellent  performances at the national and international level.

Various Programmes Under The Scheme of Incentive for Promotion of Sports Activities

  • The scheme of Sports Fund for Pension to Meritorious Sports persons was started in July 1994, with the objective of rewarding players and coaches with life time assistance in the form of assured monthly pension. 
  • Another scheme named the 'Promotion of Sports in Schools Scheme' was launched in 1986 for raising the standard of sports in schools. This scheme was reviewed in 1992 for encouraging the participation of school children in inter-school competitions.
  • The Rural Sports Programme that was launched in 1970-71 was implemented through the Sports Authority of India, with a view towards broad-basing sports, and searching for hidden talent in rural areas. This programme emphasizes on arranging tournaments at the block, district, state and national levels. 
  • The Sports Talent Search Scholarship Scheme that was launched in 1970-71, was put into practice by the Sports Authority of India with a view towards encouraging talented boys and girls to display outstanding performances in sports. 
  • The Scheme of National Sports Development Fund was started in 1998, to promote sports, and help individual sports persons achieve excellence at the national and international level.

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