Tuesday, September 11, 2012

National Sports Policy of India

The Preamble of The National Sports Policy states that activities related to sports and physical education are necessary mechanisms of human resource development, which helps promote good health, comradeship and a spirit of friendly competition. This casts a positive impact on the overall development of the personality of the youth in India.  The National Sports Policy also affirms that excellence in sports enhances the sense of achievement, national pride and patriotism.

The resolution for The National Sports Policy was formulated in 1984, with the objective of raising the standards of sports in the country. The National Sports Policy of 1984 mentions that the progress made in its implementation would be reviewed after every five years, to determine any further course of action.

Features of The National Sports Policy of 2001

According to the National Sports Policy of 2001, the Central Government in conjunction with State Governments, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the National Federation, will concertedly pursue the twin objectives of  'broad-basing' of sports and 'achieving excellence in sports at the national and international levels'. The main objective of broad-basing is to ensure mass participation in sports activities.

The National Sports Policy of 2001 also gives high priority to the development of sports in rural areas, to highlight available talent and potential, present among village youth. In this context, Village Panchayat Sabhas and rural Youth and Sports Clubs will be organized, to facilitate the development of the requisite infrastructure and identify talent through an appropriate competition structure. This will be also be done in rural areas, located in some of the most disadvantaged and remote parts of India.

According to The National Sports Policy, the Union Government will focus on achieving excellence in sports at the national and international levels. Various sports disciplines will be prioritized on the basis of proven potential, popularity and international performance. In fact, emphasis will be placed on the development of such priority disciplines, with this prioritization being reviewed from time to time.

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