Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scheme of State Sports Academy

The growing importance of the need for high-quality training in the sports sector led to the setting up of national training academies and specialized centres of sports excellence, which offer opportunities to exceptionally talented young children to train under experts, with modern training aids.

Features of the 'Scheme of State Sports Academy'

The Government of India launched the 'Scheme of State Sports Academy' to highlight and fulfill the need for such sports training. As expertise in the fields of finance, marketing and sports coaching were also needed, this scheme was made a partnership venture between the Central Government, State Governments and sponsors from the public or private sectors. However, all final grants under the 'Scheme of State Sports Academy' are released only after a decision is taken by the Central Government.

The 'Scheme of State Sports Academy' aims to train teenagers between the ages of 10 to 18 years, in various  sports academies located across the country, using advanced sports technologies. Under this scheme, the government selects coaches with wide experience, and the ability to nurture and transform these teenagers into sports champions.

The main objective of the Indian Government while starting the 'Scheme of State Sports Academy' was to  encourage the participation of teenagers and youth in sports activities. Another purpose of this scheme was to provide scientific training and  international exposure, to develop the sports skills of young players.

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