Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bharat Scouts and Guides in India

Bharat Scouts and Guides is a non-formal education movement, which was started in 1908, in India. The first scout troop in India was started by a Scottish missionary, with a boys group. Scouts are trained in  methods, based on Law and Promises. This training makes scouts and guides ingenious, independent and helpful towards others.

Bharat Scouts and Guides - Goa State

With such training, scouts and guides are also able to discover their latent ability and talents. They are basically trained in management and creative development techniques, to serve the local community. The Girl Guide movement was started in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) in 1911. This movement expanded enormously, and the number of Girl Guide companies increased to 50, by 1915.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides is the only internationally recognized Scout and Guide organization in India. It renders invaluable service by training the youth, to perform their duties as responsible citizens. The Bharat Scouts and Guides have developed three national centers for camping, conducting specialized training courses, adventure programmes, and organizing rallies. These training centres are the:
  • The National Training Centre, in Pachmarhi (The Satpura Range, Madhya Pradesh),
  • The National Camping Complex in Noida (Uttar Pradesh),
  • The National Youth Complex in Gadpuri (Haryana).
Numerous adventure programmes are conducted during the training sessions held at these centres, to train and prepare the scouts and guides to face difficult situations.

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