Friday, October 5, 2012

Seagate Hard Disk Drives in India

Are you looking for a high-quality hard disk drive for your new computer? Is your current hard disk about to crash? Do you need a second hard disk for backing up vital information? If yes, then Seagate hard disk drives may be what you need.

A hard disk is the information storehouse of a computer, and can contain a variety of files, including software programs, photos, videos, documents, music and operating systems. A faulty hard-disk usually means loss of this carefully collected information, and a series of resulting hassles. According to statistics, most hard disk drives only have a life-span of around three to five years. Hence, it is important to select a high-quality hard disk drive from a top provider, like Seagate, to ensure that your data remains safe, for a long time.

Established in 1979, Seagate is a world leader in storage solutions, and offers the largest portfolio of hard disk drives, solid state drives and solid state hybrid drives in the industry. It also provides a line of other storage products like servers and data centres, as well as data recovery services for any hard drive brand. When you buy a Seagate hard disk drive, you are not just buying storage space; you are also buying the best hard disk technology available today.

Seagate hard disk drives are available from capacities of 500GB, to as much as 2TB. They are made for both Windows and Mac operating systems, and can be used straight out of the box. Seagate also offers a range of external hard drives, which are great for storing large files (like movies), and taking them with you wherever you go. The portable models of these drives are so small, that you can even slide a 500GB version into the top pocket of your shirt.

In India, Seagate hard disk drives are distributed by Fortune Marketing Private Limited, a reputed Delhi-based provider of quality IT and electronic security products. Incorporated in 1994, Fortune Marketing has a presence in 18 cities in India, and offers a choice of more than 500 products from its extensive portfolio. If you are looking to buy Seagate hard disk drives in India, then consider contacting Fortune Marketing with your requirements.

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