Friday, October 5, 2012

Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation in India

Regular practice of sports activities can help you stay fit and strong. While working to achieve great heights in their respective sports discipline, a sports person may become prone to injuries. Sprained ankles and wrists are the most common form of injury faced by players. If not treated immediately, a sprained ankle or wrist can lead to multiple tendon and ligament damage. To treat such sports injuries, physiotherapy is required.  Physiotherapy involves the diagnosis of a potentially damaged structure, and the advise of medical treatment and physical exercises.

Another sports injury common among sports persons are bone fractures, which are usually seen in contact sports, such as martial arts, boxing, cricket, football and wrestling. Hamstring injuries are another sports injury, that many sports person experience. This injury is caused by the protracted overuse of the muscle tendon units in the leg, or a single violent injury or force applied to the muscle-tendon unit in the leg. Players are usually advised rest for a couple of months, and physiotherapy exercises, to ensure that hamstring injuries heal quickly.

Sports injuries can worsen, if healing and rehabilitation programmes are not applied immediately. Below are some tips on how to ensure quick recovery from sports injuries:

  • To ensure that injuries do not occur during practice or tournaments, the sportsperson should increase their carbohydrate consumption. 
  • Immediately after getting a sports injury, the sports persons should cease their sports practice, because further movements may only serve to aggravate injuries. 
  • If the pain persists, then anti-inflammatory medicines can be taken. 
  • Sports persons should take care while selecting sports outfits, shoes and related sports equipment. Wrong sizes and incorrect design of outfits/equipment can sometimes result in sports injuries, which can take years to heal. For example, in case of lawn tennis, the players should buy rackets measuring a weight that can be handled by them. 
  • Players should take complete rest after their training sessions. 
  • Sports persons should undergo training according to their physiological and psychological limits, and never over-train. 
  • Practice yoga and meditation.

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