Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Get Membership of National Rifles Association?

Many people who want to pursue shooting as a sports career, may want to become a member of the National Rifles Association of India. This post gives information on the types of membership available with the National Rifles Association of India (NRAI).

Well, the membership of NRAI is open to associations, institutions and individuals. There are four membership categories:

  • Non-Resident Members: Non-resident members are selected by the Governing Body. They are either people of eminence or of a foreign nationality, being a resident within or outside the Republic of India. Such people can attain NRAI membership by paying the fee determined by the Governing Body.
  • Non-Resident Organizations: This membership category includes any organization composed wholly or majorly of subjects of a foreign country, which is known to be a non-resident organisation.
  • Institutional Members: These members consist of any club or recognized institution established for the promotion of sports, marksmanship, conservation of wildlife, and National or Civil Defence. These member groups can get affiliation to the National Rifles Association of India, without voting rights, on fulfillment of certain procedures prescribed by the Governing Body.
  • State Rifle/Shooting Association: Only one shooting association from each State is admitted as a member of the NRAI. A state shooting association should have a minimum of two district shooting associations or one shooting club, to be eligible for membership to the National Rifles Association of India.

Individuals can also apply for annual membership or lifetime membership to the NRAI, and many leading shooters of India (who have won medals at international events) are members of the National Rifles Association of India.

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