Friday, November 9, 2012

Contracting Foreign Coaches For Indian Sports Teams

Scheme of Exchange of Sports and Physical Education Teams/Experts

The recruitment of foreign coaches to train Indian sports teams has had mixed results. Since, India began participating in international sports events, various foreign coaches have been recruited for training jobs in India. Whether cricket, football or hockey, foreign coaches have been contracted to train sports teams, and share new sports techniques.

The scheme for the exchange of sports and physical education teams/experts has enabled wide sharing of sporting skills. Under this initiative, the Central Government invites and hires foreign coaches for training various sports teams. These foreign coaches are usually paid air fare, salaries, travel allowance, medical expenses and local transportation.

Foreign coach Gary Kirsten being carried by Indian cricket team members

The Indian cricket team has had many foreign coaches. While John Wright and Greg Chappell were not very successful trainers, Gary Kirsten (of South Africa) was the coach that inspired the Indian cricket team to win the World Cup in 2011. Other foreign coaches that have trained Indian sports teams are Bob Houghton for football, Herman Kruis for the Indian women's hockey team, and Joaquim Carvalho for the men’s hockey team.

The Indian Government has continued to hire foreign coaches for disseminating better training to various sports teams, under the scheme for the exchange of sports and physical education teams/experts.

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