Monday, May 3, 2010

Complaining Against Auto or Taxi Drivers

If you feel you have been cheated by auto rickshaw or taxi drivers in India and wish to lodge a complaint against them, then here is how to do it.

As far as possible try to hire a prepaid taxi or autorickshaw or ask the driver to charge by the meter. If the driver overcharges you, misbehaves or refuses to take you to your destination, note down the license plate number of the vehicle and complain to the local police by dialling 100.

Here are other means to lodge a complaint against autos and taxis in different cities of India –

New Delhi - The traffic police has an SMS based complaint system. To complain against refusal, write ‘REF’ followed by the registration number of the vehicle, the location and time of the incident and SMS to 6767 from your phone. Similarly, one may use the word ‘OVC’ for over-charging, ‘MIB’ for misbehaviour and ‘HAR’ for harassment. There is also a round the clock helpline at 23378888. One may also complain online by filling in the online complaint card.

Mumbai – Other than the local traffic police, Mumbai also has special Tourism Police to guide, protect and provide safety to tourists. They patrol the streets in yellow jeeps and may be reached by dialling 22621855. Alternatively, you can register your complaint against autorickshaw and taxi drivers by filling the online auto and taxi complaint form. You can also fax your complaint to 02224927237, 24924734 and 24925462. The complaint should clearly mention the taxi number,
the date, time, place and the nature of the offense.

An independent inquiry will be carried out. If they find out that it is a first time offence then the driver is levied a minimum fine of Rs. 100 according to the law and the offender is warned. A repeat offender is made to pay higher fines and his drivers license can be suspended.

Kolkata – One may report a crime online by filling in a form with details of the offence and your contact information.

Chennai – Tourists may send their complaints as a text message (SMS) to 98407 00100. One may also report an incident by filling in the online form.

Rajasthan – Other than the number 100, one may also dial 1090 for the Crime Police Helpline. This facility is available in seven cities – Ajmer, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kota and Udaipur.

Kerala – Here is a list of helpline numbers, police control room numbers and email addresses of police officers that one may contact.

Pune - If you find an autorickshaw driver charging excessively, just take a post card, write a complaint against him with license number of the vehicle and post it to the Regional Transport Office(RTO). Within 30 days, the auto rickshaw driver will be tracked and penalized.He will either have to pay a fine of Rs 300 or face suspension of licence for 10 days. The RTO may also cancel the licenses of auto rickshaw drivers, if deemed necessary”

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