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Medical Tourism - Operations and Surgeons India

Medical tourism is a new concept in India with operations India and surgeons India being in very high demand. It is also known as health tourism. Today, many people from abroad visit India for medical treatments such as heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care. With modern diagnostic and treatment facilities, experienced surgeons, one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world, and a tradition of caring, India is able to provide word-class healthcare facilities at a fraction of the cost.

This cost of operations India and surgeons India can be as low as 10 per cent of world prices, with comparable success rates and service levels. Here is a list of indicative costs of some of the medical procedures available.

Procedure US / UK India
Bone Marrow Transplant USD 2,50,000 USD 69,200
Liver Transplant USD 3,00,000 USD 69,350
Heart Surgery USD 30,000 USD 8,700
Orthopedic Surgery USD 20,000 USD 6,300
Cataract Surgery USD 2,000 USD 1,350
Smile Designing USD 8,000 USD 1,100
Metal Free Bridge USD 5,500 USD 600
Dental Implants USD 3,500 USD 900
Porcelain Metal Bridge USD 3,000 USD 600
Porcelain Metal Crown USD 1,000 USD 100
Tooth Impactions USD 2,000 USD 125
Root Canal Treatment USD 1,000 USD 110
Tooth Whitening USD 800 USD 125
Tooth Colored Composite USD 500 USD 30
Fillings / Tooth Cleaning USD 300 USD 90
Breast Mastopexy USD 7,500 USD 2,800
Reduction Mammoplasty USD 8,000 USD 3,300
Mammoplasty Augmentation USD 8,000 USD 2,750
Replacement Of Implants  USD 6,500 USD 3,000
Blepheroplasty (Upper & Lower USD 6,000 USD 2,000
Facelift USD 6,500 USD 2,800
Dermabrasion (Total face) USD 5,500 USD 2,150
Canthopexy w/Orbicularis suspension USD 6,000 USD 2,200
Endoscopic Brow lift USD 5,800 USD 2,300
Hair Transplant USD 50/ graft USD 3/ graft
Neck lift USD 6,100 USD 2,400
Otoplasty (for prominent ears) USD 4,700 USD 1,500
Primary Rhinoplasty USD 7,300 USD 2,900
Tip Rhinoplasty USD 6,300 USD 1,300
Abdominoplasty USD 7,700 USD 3,200
Thigh Lift (Bilateral) USD 7,200 USD 3,150
Total Lower Body Lift (belt Lipectomy) USD 9,500 USD 6,000
Liposuction (One Region) USD 6,100 USD 1,750
Laser Hair Removal USD 550 USD 225
Laser Resurfacing/ Wrinkle Reduction USD 550 USD 225
Laser Acne Treatment USD 575 USD 230
Laser Scar Treatment USD 500 USD 210
Botox USD 70/ unit USD 8/ unit
Open Heart Surgery   USD 18,000   USD 4,800  
Cranio-Facial surgery and skull base   USD 13,000   USD 4,500  
Neuro- surgery with Hypothermia   USD 21,000   USD 6,800  
Complex spine surgery with implants USD 13,000 USD 4,600
Simple Spine Surgery USD 6,500 USD 2,300
Simple Brain Tumor Biopsy USD 4,300 USD1,200
Simple Brain Tumor Surgery USD 10,000 USD 4,600
Parkinsons Lesion USD 6,500 USD 2,300
Parkinsons DBS USD 26,000 USD 17,800
Hip Replacement USD 13,000 USD 4,500

A National Accreditation Board for Hospitals has been established to monitor safety and hygiene norms. Surgeons India and physicians with decades of experience in the USA, the UK and Europe have set up several modern hospitals to provide medical tourism services.

The Indian Government issues an “M” visa for patients and “MX” visa for those accompanying them for operations India. In 2005, around 200,000 foreigners chose India as their centre for undergoing medical and dental treatment. Most medical tourism packages combine a health procedure with a visit to an exotic Indian destination and alternative healing therapies.

Alternative Therapies

For those patients who would like to try out alternative systems of healing rather than operations India,  there are many places that practice traditional methods of medicine. Some systems available are Reiki, Pranic Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani and Magneto therapy.

Ayurvedic massages and Yoga are extremely popular when it comes to relaxation and maintaining a healthy life. The State of Kerala on the southern coast of the country is world renowned for its ‘Ayurvedic Shalas’ and Ayurvedic spas.

These alternative therapies are usually recommended by surgeons India after the operations they perform are successful. Alternative therapies are usually included with medical tourism packages as they boost relaxation and can help patients recover quickly.

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