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Archery India - History and Techniques

Archery is a sport, prevalent in India since ancient times. In those days, traditional archery India was vital for survival and combat. It was also used in competition, to bring out the best players. During the period of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, archery assumed great importance. Various archery tournaments and festivals were organized.

There was a wide variety of archery India equipment such as different bows and arrows, in diverse shooting styles. Most countries, especially in Asia and Europe, have a rich history of archery. Later, the sport evolved into a competitive sport in Europe, America and Asia. In 1900, Archery became the official sport of the Olympic Games.

Modern Archery India Rules

Modern Archery is a target sport which involves sharp technique and concentration power as well as immense strength and stamina. There are two main kinds of bow used by sportspersons in modern archery - recurve and compound. The main aim of the game is to use the bow and arrow to shoot a target. This target is marked with 10 concentric rings. Points with a score range of 1 – 10 are awarded for accuracy. The nearer the arrow lands to the centre of the target, the higher the shooter scores. Many archery India sportspersons have won medals at international tournaments.

Today, the sport of archery India is managed by the Archery Association of India. This body is responsible for holding tournaments, encouraging talent and promoting the sport around the country. Archery is also a popular pursuit in tribal areas and villages.

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