Thursday, March 18, 2010

Atya Patya - Traditional Indian Game

This thrilling game is a major sport that originated in ancient India. Popular in rural areas, the rules of Atya Patya have been improvised from region to region. It is known by different names in these regions, such as Sur-pati, Darya-Bandh, Saragari, Saramani, Tilli, Uppinat, Uppupatti, Choupat Pati, Panchwati, Chikka and so on. The exact Atya Patya history is difficult to trace, but it is known to have been played since the days of the Mahabharata.

The first move to systematize the rules of Atya Patya was made by Dekkan Gymkhana, Pune. Later, the Akhil Maharashtra Sharirik Shikshan Mandai helped develop the game by conducting divisional tournaments in which teams from Marathi speaking States such as Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka took part.

In 1982, Atya Patya got National recognition when the Atya Patya Federation of India was established. Today, the game is played in all major States of the country. Here are some more details about the sport–
In 1996, the International Atya Patya Federation and the Asian Atya Patya Association was formed in Japan.

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