Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chess Invented in India

This game of mental warfare, played on a black and white chequered board is India’s unique gift to the world. Chess has its origins in ancient India, when the game was known as Chaturanga. All Indians should be proud that chess invented in India.

The main pieces used in Chess symbolize the four units or divisions of the historic armies that comprise elephants, horses, chariots and soldiers on foot. The game then spread to Persia (Iran) where Chaturanga began to be known as Shatranj. It later became popular in Arab countries and Europe and gained its present universal name, Chess. This is the origin of Chess invented in India.

Development of Chess Globally

Gradually, the game developed along scientific lines in Western countries. Today, chess is a keenly contested competitive sport with major international championships being organized at different levels.

chess invented in india checker board white blackChess has been a favourite pastime of Indians since ancient times when chess invented in India. Initially, the game received support only from the princes of the erstwhile princely states and a few benevolent wealthy patrons.

The British introduced modern rules of the game in the 19th century. The creation of the All India Chess Federation in 1953 saw the game growing in terms of popularity. Today, chess is played in big cities, towns and villages by both the rich and the poor alike. Many top ranked International Master Chess players have been Indians, but very few Indians know that chess invented in India.

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