Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carrom India

The history of carrom India is long and vivid. The game of Carrom is said to have originated in the country. Ever since the 18th century, it was known to be played by the Maharajas and other royalty in their palaces. The existence of a Carrom Board with a glass surface in one of the palaces of Patiala, established the privileged nature the sport was accorded in that era. Later on, Carrom games became a popular indoor sport played by families in their homes, all over India.

Carrom is a table top game that is played on a wooden board with wooden carrom disks of black and white colour. A finger is used to strike or flick a comparatively heavier disk called the Carrom ‘Striker’, so that it pushes lighter disks called ‘carrom-men’ into one of four corner pockets. The winner is the player who manages to put in all the ‘carrom-men’ of the colour assigned to him, first.

Carrom players need to have a thorough understanding of angles, deftness of touch, keen sight and superlative control of nerves to excel in this game. Besides this, they also require skill, deep concentration, mental strength and physical fitness. As carrom board games do not require much space to play, carrom india is popularly played in most small houses or offices in the country.

Today, Carrom is played competitively in an organized style. State level carrom India competitions were held as early as the 1930s. A well developed body of Carrom Rules India have been formed. The game of Carrom is managed by the All India Carrom Federation, with closely connected State level associations looking after the control, management and organization of the game at the local level. Carrom is also played in around 50 countries globally and controlled by the International Carrom Federation and respective continental Federations.

Carrom Indian players have won major International Carrom Competitions including the World Cup with unbeatable performances. Anthony Maria Irudayam and Nagsen Etambe are the best known players of this indoor game.

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