Friday, April 2, 2010

Bed and Breakfasts in India

Bed and Breakfasts in India refer to a type of boarding house that typically operates out of a large residence owned by a single family. It is also known as a Home Stay facility. Guests are accommodated at night in private bedrooms and breakfast is served in the morning - either in the bedroom or, more commonly, in a dining room or the host's kitchen.

Bathrooms can be private or shared with other guests or with the family in smaller establishments. Bed and Breakfasts India may be operated either as a primary occupation or as a secondary source of income. The staff at such an establishment usually consists of the homeowners and members of their family.

India Bed and Breakfast Tips

  • The decor of the home stay may be either traditional Indian or western, depending on the choice of the owner.
  • Some home stays are pure vegetarian and offer only vegetarian breakfasts.
  • Some offer Indian breakfasts, which may be quite spicy. Confirm your food and drink preferences in advance with your host to avoid inconvenience later.
In India, Bed and Breakfasts are available in most major cities and popular tourist destinations. With the aim of providing comfortable and standardized home stay facilities to tourists; the Ministry of Tourism classifies fully operational home stay facilities as Incredible India Bed and Breakfast Establishments.

India Home Stays may be categorized into Gold or Silver. Generally, Silver and Gold Bed and Breakfasts are usually larger and have extra facilities such as parking space, internet connection, telephone, laundry facilities and security guards. Other than supplementing the availability of rooms and providing a clean and affordable place to tourists, an India Bed and Breakfast home also gives travelers the opportunity to stay with a local family and relish authentic local cuisine.

The accommodation facilities in India provide luxuries and services that are of an international standard. Check into an India Bed and Breakfast to discover the unmatched experience of traditional Indian hospitality. It is sure to make your trip truly unforgettable.

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