Thursday, April 8, 2010

Great India Cuisine

The great India cuisine is known for its variety and range of tastes. Being a geographically diverse country, each State of India is known for a unique style of cuisine. Some popular types of cuisine in India are Punjabi cuisine, south Indian cuisine and mughlai cuisine. There are also other rare types of cuisine like awadhi cuisine, ajanta cuisine, wazwan cuisine and lotus cuisine.

Every recipe of the great India cuisine books has a different taste, flavour and style of preparation. The curries and breads of the north are poles apart from those available in the southern States. Indian restaurants are available on almost every street of India. They usually sell the classic fare of the region they are situated in.

International Cuisine in India

In addition to the great Indian cuisine available in the country, there are also restaurants that provide different types of international cuisine. Some types of international fare available are Chinese, Continental, Japanese, Thai, Italian and Mexican. The cost of food at a restaurant greatly varies. Generally, restaurants located in city centres or near major tourist spots are more expensive. Tipping in India is optional but a common practice. Usually, around 10 per cent of the bill is offered as a tip for the services provided.

Restaurant Chains in India

The great India cuisine is complemented by restaurant chains that have come up in major cities of the county. The food available in these restaurants depends on the country or State of origin of the restaurant chain. In recent years, many international restaurant chains have set up businesses in India. These eating-places usually sell popular fast food items such as pizzas, burgers, fries and coffee. Most provide home delivery of food within a certain radius. Here is a list of some of the popular restaurant chains in India.

Some of the popular Indian food chains are Nirulas, Bikanerwala Family Restaurants, Marrybrown, Sagar Ratna, Nagarjuna Restaurants, Namma MTR, Kamat Restaurants and Coffee Home.

Some of the popular International food chains are McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominoes,KFC, Barista, Subway, Yo China, Smoking Joes, Ruby Tuesday and TGI Friday’s.

Street Food

Another aspect of great India cuisine is the lip smacking street food available at street corners. For the budget traveller, Indian street food provides the best value for money. It is available from vendors who set up makeshift or portable stalls at the side of busy streets, train stations and office areas. The country has a staggering array of mouth watering street food that varies from location to location.

For example, north India is known for its ‘chaats’ and ‘tikkis’, western India is known for ‘vada pao’ and ‘pav bhaji’, south India is popular for vadas, idlis and dosas while eastern India is famous for ‘momos’. In addition, popular items of drink such as ‘lassi’, buttermilk, sodas and ‘masala chai’ are also available. The lip smacking taste of this form of popular great India cuisine is sure to give you a good idea of what the region you are travelling to is all about.

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