Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel Agents and Tour Operators India

The network of travel agents and tour operators India is well established. A travel agency is a business that sells travel related products and services, such as airline or rail tickets, hotel reservations, package tours and cruise holidays. These services are sold to end-user customers on behalf of third party travel suppliers like airline companies, hotels and tour operators. Some travel agencies provide special services to business travellers or medical tourists.

Tour Operators India, on the other hand, are involved in arranging travel packages, which are later sold by travel agents to customers. These packages include island tours, beach holidays, foreign trips, adventure tours and the like. Tour Operators arrange every detail of the package tour, right from air tickets, hotels, sightseeing, guides and local transport to cultural events and adventure sports. Together travel agents and tour operators India work to give travelers the best holiday in the country.

The Ministry of Tourism aims to promote tourism in India by encouraging the quality and standard of service provided by travel agents and tour operators India as well as adventure tour operators and tourist transport operators. To achieve this, the government has launched a system to ‘approve’ businesses that meet certain criteria. In addition, Indian Railways have appointed ‘Rail Travellers Service Agents’ who have been authorised to purchase tickets and secure reservations on behalf of passengers.

Travel Agents and Tour Operators India Associations

Most travel agents and tour operators India are also members of reputed professional associations. The Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) is the largest association of travel agents and tour operators in the country. It was established by a group of leading travel agents in 1951 to regulate the travel industry in India. Today, it has a database of more than 1800 members that include travel agencies, tour operators as well as general sale agencies. Here is a list of the members of the Travel Agents Association of India.

In India, travel agencies are usually located in the vicinity of airports, railway stations and bus depots. They can also be found at major business centres and office areas. Every year, the Ministry of Tourism awards the National Tourism Awards to travel agencies and tour operators India that have provided exceptional service in their category. This is done to hike the quality of service provided and boost tourism.

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